Rent a houseboat in Austria!

Rent a houseboat in south-eastern Styria in Austria? Sounds like a sailor's yarn - but it really exists. Hubertus and Michaela have fulfilled a dream and bought a houseboat. We have been fascinated by the reduced life in a tiny house or a circus wagon for a few years now. At the same time, we live in a beautiful pond landscape with 20 ponds, many fish and other animals that use this pond landscape as a habitat. At some point Michaela had the idea: A houseboat on our ponds!

Hausboot in Österreich mieten

Which pond should we put our houseboat on? If you have several ponds, you are spoilt for choice. Easily accessible or completely secluded. After much deliberation, the Edelteich with its 3 hectares of water seemed the most suitable. Situated in the middle of the beautiful pond chain of the Kirchberg ponds and yet not too far from civilisation. We had to lay 400 metres of water pipe, sewage pipe and a thick power cable from our house and the mooring at the Edelteich was ready.

Would you also like to spend a relaxing holiday in our Teichquartier houseboat in Austria? We look forward to seeing you!


Our houseboat is located in the southeast of Austria, about 40 km from Graz or 160 km from Vienna, in Kirchberg an der Raab.