Teichquartier Hausboote Urlaub Österreich

Your choice of Teichquartier houseboats

Between waves and nature: choose a houseboat for your vacation at the Edelteich in the Teichquartier.


We christened our first houseboat "Schwanennest" ("Swan's Nest") because you lie in the bunk like cozy swan chicks in a nest. The comfortable bed (1.40 x 2.00) invites you to snuggle up and sleep. And next door, in the "blue saloon", you'll find everything you need for your vacation. The "galley" is equipped with a two-plate stove, fridge and coffee machine. As on any real boat, the dishes have to be washed by hand. A kitchen island combines the worktop and dining area. You can enjoy the view of our pond in a recliner or wing chair. When the weather is fine, the terrace extends the living space. And of course this boat is also equipped with a bathroom with toilet and shower.


Our second houseboat "Eisvogel" ("Kingfisher") is located some distance from the Swan's Nest (approx. 50 m). It has its name because the bed (1.40x2.00) is positioned in such a way that you wake up in the morning with a panoramic view of the Edelteich, like one of our kingfishers who always have everything in view. The sleeping area can be used during the day The sleeping area can be used for chilling out and relaxing during the day and a comfortable wing chair invites you to read. On this boat, the kitchen is located in the galley. It is equipped with everything you need for living: a fridge, a two-burner stove, a coffee machine and a bar with a view invite you to cook and eat. A bathroom with shower and toilet complete our "Tiny Boat."