FAQ - Teichquartier houseboat rental

Is it possible to fish there?

Fishing is not possible at our ponds. There are some fishing opportunities in the surrounding area.

Can you go by houseboat?

Our houseboat is basically built for sailing and also has an EU boat permit of category D. At our pond with a length of 200 m and some shallow spots in the pond, sailing does not make sense. That is why there is no motor mounted on the houseboat. You have the possibility to explore the pond by canoe or SUP (stand up paddle).

Are pets allowed on the houseboat?

Dogs are allowed on our houseboat.

Arrival and departure times?

Check-in from 15:00.
Check-out until 10:00.

Can you drink the water from the water pipe in the houseboat?

Our houseboat has two water supply systems: a water tank with frost protection for the water supply in winter and a direct water connection to the local water supplier. If the water comes from the direct water connection, you can drink it without any problems. To be on the safe side, it is best to ask which water supply system is currently active.

Is such a houseboat delivered as a whole or in individual parts?

Our houseboat was completely finished at the La Mare shipyard and delivered in one piece by a heavy transport truck. On site, the houseboat is then lifted into the pond with a truck-mounted crane.

When it gets cold: is there heating?

The houseboat is equipped with electric underfloor heating, which provides a cosy 22°C in the boat down to -5°C outside temperature. If it gets even colder, the air conditioning can support the electric underfloor heating.

Are mosquitoes a problem?

No! There are also no more mosquitoes than usual in the area. The fish in the pond prefer to eat the larvae of the mosquitoes, so that only very few mosquitoes make it to the stage where they can fly. In addition, windows and the balcony door are equipped with insect screens, so that no insects can get inside at night. And should you forget to close the insect screen door, there is a mosquito plug in the boat.